Angle Vale Gardens Retirement Estate is home to a vibrant community of retirees. Living at Angle Vale means that your neighbours are really more like your friends. Click here to find out more about what its like to live within Angle Vale Gardens Retirement Estate.

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At Angle Vale Gardens our goal is to make retirement as stress free and enjoyable for our residents as possible. We take the hassle out of home maintenance, gardening and can even help with meals and laundry. Plus, you can be assured of getting support, if needed from our 24 hour on-site staff.

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Living at Angle Vale Gardens is like living at home – you have the freedom to live however you like and come and go as you please. But the advantage is, you know who your neighbours are, the hard work is done for you and you can feel safe knowing that, as part of a tight community you and your home are secure.

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“We really love being part of a community, we really feel we’re living.”

Beth & Bob’s Story

When Beth and Bob retired, they found that they didn’t really know the neighbours they’d lived next door to for years. “We worked all the time and that didn’t give us much opportunity to socialise or really get to know the people we were living next to.” After moving to Angle Vale Gardens their neighbours have become their friends. “The Community Centre is fantastic, we’ve made so many friends and there’s always something to do. We feel as we’ve really started living again.”

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