Angle Vale Gardens is a vibrant community made up of people from all walks of life with their own unique stories. This page features residents stories detailing their decision to move to Angle Vale Gardens and life since.


Meet Ros

“I’ve found new friends and a new lease on life .”

Ros’s Story

After her husband passed, Ros struggled with the upkeep of her large family home. “I was looking for somewhere maintenance free that was also pet friendly, not many places have room for dogs.” At Angle Vale Gardens Ros and Zac found a new home. “I don’t have any maintenance and I’ve made so many new friends. It’s the happiest I’ve been in years.”


Meet Beth & Bob

“We really love being part of a community, we really feel we’re living.”

Beth & Bob’s Story

When Beth and Bob retired, they found that they didn’t really know the neighbours they’d live next door to for years. “We worked all the time and that didn’t give us much opportunity to socialise or really get to know the people we were living next to.” After moving to Angle Vale Gardens their neighbours have become their friends. “The Community Centre is fantastic, we’ve made so many friends and there’s always something to do. We feel as we’ve really started living again.”


Meet Doug & Wanda

“We love the extra security of knowing there’s always someone there should you need help.”

Doug & Wanda’s Story

Doug and Wanda needed to know that if an emergency arose help would be nearby. “We both have health issues and knowing that if something were to happen there is an emergency call system in place is really reassuring.” Moving to Angle Vale Gardens has allowed Doug and Wanda a greater sense of security and allowed them to have a more relaxing, worry free retirement.

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